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Current Associates

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At Ulta Beauty, we want to open doors, to give you access to new areas of discovery and fulfillment. Perhaps you’ve developed a new career passion. Or maybe you seek deeper levels of responsibility in your current department.

Take a few minutes to learn of current openings across our enterprise. What’s next for you and your career is just a click away.

Current Associates

Retail, Beauty Services and DC associates log in using your SAP ID # and password. Your SAP ID # can be found on the upper right corner of your paystub (00SAP# -Total of 8 digits including leading zeros).

Corporate associates log in using your My Ulta Apps log in and password.

If you do not remember your password, you will need to reset your password through the Ulta Support portal in key links on the UltaNet.

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Current Associates

The possibilities are beautiful

As a current Ulta Beauty associate, you have dynamic opportunities to grow and advance within our organization. Our goal is to take your drive and performance to places that expand our investment in you—and your investment in yourself. Few places can offer possibilities quite this beautiful.

Have questions?

If you’re not sure how our internal transfer or promotion process works, speak with your immediate supervisor or HR representative, who can advise you and walk you through next steps.