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Welcome to today’s Ulta Beauty.

Fueling endless career opportunities

Every new guest represents the opportunity to create. You apply the cut, color and curl. With radiant skin that exudes freshness and vitality. And brows full of drama and intrigue. At Ulta Beauty, it’s about seeing unseen potential. About a journey of mutual discovery that showcases the best in every guest. Using only the finest products. Applying only the most advanced techniques. It’s a process of art in the making.

Create beautiful possibilities.

Making it real

Could Ulta Beauty be your “what if”? If you want to advocate for the beauty in every person. If you’re compelled by the chance to help build The Salon™ at Ulta Beauty into the country’s premier destination for hair, skin and brows. If you want formal support and training from some of the nation’s finest beauty experts—all in a friendly and collaborative environment where real artistry is valued—there’s more for you at Ulta Beauty.

So bring your most authentic self. Unlock the possibilities in each guest. And discover new horizons of professional growth and exceptional earning potential— up to 70% in commissions.

The possibilities are beautiful.

Beauty Services Awards

Achievement. At the highest levels.

Behind the Chair #ONESHOT Awards

2019 Winner Big Shot Editorial Collection: Ulta Beauty Pro Team
2019 Finalist Big Shot Hair Color Collection: Nick Stenson
2018 Finalist Big Shot Avant Garde: Nick Stenson
2018 Finalist Big Shot Collection: Ulta Beauty Pro Team

North American Hairstyling Awards

Finalist 2021 Styling and Finishing: Nick Stenson
Finalist 2021 Avant Garde: Nick Stenson
Finalist 2020 Team of the Year: Ulta Beauty Design Team
Finalist 2019 Styling and Finishing: Nick Stenson
Winner 2019 Team of the Year: Ulta Beauty Pro Team
Finalist 2019 Team of the Year: Ulta Beauty Design Team
Finalist 2019 People’s Choice: Ulta Beauty Design Team
Finalist 2018 Hairstylist of the Year: Nick Stenson
Finalist 2018 Team of the Year: Ulta Beauty Pro Team

Beauty Services Positions

Find your match

Retail Beauty Services Manager

Train, lead, develop, shine

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Assistant Services Manager

Enhance team performance, deliver "wow" experiences

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Hair Stylist

Bring awe-inspiring artistry to trendsetting styles

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Skin Therapist (Esthetician)

Create luxurious skin that turns heads

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Skin Care Expert (Esthetician)

Consult, demonstrate, detail, support

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Guest Service Coordinator

Manage the calendar, build relationships

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Brow Waxing Expert

Gorgeous arches and baby-soft skin are yours to create

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Salon Education

Apply technical expertise to all things hair

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Assistant Stylist

Learn from the best, enhance your career

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