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Ever since our first store opened in 1990, ULTA Beauty has been one of the fastest–growing companies in the United States.
Our corporate teams are always working to develop innovative strategies that position our company for long-term growth and success. This includes increasing guest traffic through direct marketing to our loyalty program members, leveraging social and digital media, creating new in-store promotions, and enhancing our e-commerce site.
In addition to being part of a dynamic and forward-thinking team, you will find that working at our home office provides some extra perks you are sure to enjoy: free fitness center membership, onsite walking paths, vendor-sponsored beauty events, and associate-led interest groups. You can also wear jeans every day!
Career areas at the ULTA Beauty home office include:


The merchandising team delivers excellence in vendor relationships, merchandise assortments, pricing and marketing strategies and plans for in-store execution. The merchandising team is dedicated to maximizing sales and profitability on the forefront of merchandising trends.


The marketing team creates, implements, and deploys growth strategies with a multidisciplinary focus on customer loyalty, brand strategy, public relations, and inventory performance.

Creative Services

The creative services team designs and implements graphic design and store signage in ways that best integrate operational needs, traffic flow, aesthetic requirements, and merchandise presentation for each of our retail stores.


The E-Commerce team supports all aspects of our online presence on ulta.com, to include expertise in photography, web design, online marketing and web production.

Store Operations

The store operations team supports associate communication and store and salon operations in close partnership with all of our home office teams to set up our store teams for success.

Supply Chain and Distribution

We drive for excellence in service, safety, and quality performance improvements as we are evolving our supply chain business to meet the demands of a fast-growing retail business.

Growth & New Store Development

The growth & new store development team identifies new store locations, coordinates remodeling activities, and oversees the design and construction of all ULTA Beauty stores in the United States. Opportunities may include market analysis, real estate and construction.

Finance & Accounting

The finance & accounting team is integral to ensuring the company's fiscal health and financial growth. Career areas include payroll, tax, inventory control, auditing, and financial planning.

Information Systems

The Information systems team provides technical proficiency in applications development and IT support, among other disciplines.

Human Resources

The human resources team supports all ULTA Beauty associates by providing expertise in leadership development, training, benefits, recruiting, and compensation.

Legal Department

ULTA's law department is responsible for the company's legal, corporate governance, and regulatory affairs. We provide counsel and guidance to ULTA associates at our home office, in our stores, and in our DCs. In all we do, we strive to ensure that ULTA 'does what's right' in a legally and ethically compliant manner so that we can 'win together.'